Other housing options

As a very small Housing Charity we do not have very many houses and re-lets do not come up very often. 

We would therefore advise you that you should pursue all housing options available to you.

Birmingham City Council

The largest supplier of rented housing in Birmingham is Birmingham City Council (BCC). They also provide access to the closed waiting lists of Housing Associations. 

Please visit your local neighbourhood office or the BCC website for more information.

www.birmingham.gov.uk     www.birminghamhomechoice.org.uk

BCC can put forward names of people to housing associations that offer properties to rent in Birmingham. If you are not registered with BCC Housing, they can not do this.

Existing BCC & Housing Association Tenants

If you are already a secure tenant of BCC or a housing association, they may consider you for a mutual (direct) exchange. This is where two customers swap homes.  Further information is available from your Housing Association and/or neighbourhood offices.

Housing Associations

A leaflet regarding Housing Associations is available at all neighbourhood offices and is also on the BCC web site.

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